Mark Harris

Remington Wet & Dry Shaver
A yellow electric razor 
DF56 Shaver, £56

When you fall out of bed on Sunday morning nursing a hangover the size of Wembley stadium and with 90 minutes of running and kicking between you and the next pint, the last thing you want next to your skin is anything sharp and metallic. Should you chuck your rusty old cut-throat in the bin and trade up to the Wet & Dry Sport shaver from Remington ('as close as a penalty shoot-out or your money back')? Of course you should!

Electric shavers have moved on from the days when they had two settings 'tickle' and gouge’. The DF5G Sport has twin foil cutters which do a pretty impressive job of separating you from your stubble even if, like most shavers, they seem unable to tackle any growth beneath the chin. Funny that.

It's got a built-in rechargeable battery, which is good for 10 to 20 shaves depending on how hairy your mug is, making this shaver ideal to chuck in your kit bag for a post-match spruce-up. But what's all this ‘Wet & Dry’ nonsense about? Apparently, some weirdos go to all the bother of lathering up in foam just to use an electric shaver anyway. I can't really recommend that course of action, but at least if it gets a bit wet it won't blow up or electrify your skin or anything.

You can even use the DF56 to improve your game. It's a well known fact that excess hair can cause significant drag when you're trying to run fast. Just look at how shit Ian Bishop has been since all that wispy stuff appeared round his chops. So simply run one of these around your laughing gear and up and down your legs before kick-off, and feel that extra burst of speed. Excellent.

Verdict: A (close) cut above the rest. This new bristle-buster from Remington is a must for your kit bag.  

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