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Magazine Morgue

In the fast-paced world of publishing, it's inevitable that some of the mags I've written for over the years have fallen by
the wayside. Just don't go drawing any conclusions...

Sorted Tomorrow's World Widescreen Digital Camera Shopper
Sorted  Tomorrow's World Widescreen  Digital Cam Shopper 
Are all lifestyle mags aimed at teenage boys doomed to failure? I wrote a lot and snapped for this one. Great TV show, but the mag folded just after publishing my feature about smart drugs. I reviewed DVDs and wrote in-depth features for this film mag. Shockingly folded after just three superb issues. I wrote columns, investigations, group tests and reviews for this wonderful title that deserved a longer exposure..

The Insight Digital Video The World In English Cars + Car Conversions
 The Insight  Digital Video   World In English   CCC magazine 
I was a regular writer for this Brighton arts paper.
I edited the monthly film news and reviews page, too.
I wrote a feature for this one-off title from Future, commenting on cameras with movie modes. The World In English was for French kids. My articles covered everything from dance music to currys to Star Trek. Cars & Car Conversions was the motorsport fan's bible. I subbed and wrote a little for them.

Total Football Heyday magazine Check It Out! Que Choisir - Hors Serie
 Total Football   Heyday  Check It Out! Euro Camera Guide
Footy mag that gave me a commission by mistake. I don't even know who's in the England squad. Writing about technology for an older audience was fun. Somewhat ironic then that it did not age gracefully... A teen mag from Which?, CIO! had sensible advice and pop nonsense. I had great fun as a full-time writer. I was Tech Ed of this  camera/camcorder guide, published in 14 countries. That's me on the cover! 

RRP Playstation Power Digital Home Indie
RRP  Playstation Power Digital Home Indie
I contributed features and reviews to this exciting dinky A5 video trade mag. A big seller (85+k), PP was an aggresive, smart games mag. But time moves on... High quality title that moved online, before being replaced by T3 Home. I wrote reviews. I wrote seeringly acute features on DVD for this monthly PC, games and home ent trade mag. 

T3 Home The Golf The Canner & Filler ZM magazine
 T3 Home   The Golf    Canning & Filling   ZM
Superb home/tech lifestyle cross-over.. Very proud to have reviewed home kit for this classy, oft-missed title. This hasn't really closed but it's called The Golf+ now and I needed the space for newer mags. Despite being the most boring mag ever, C&F had features about beer. I subbed. I placed articles on jet lag, and on improving speech in this men's health mag.

Boys Toys Dreamwatch Digital Video Techniques The Official Windows XP magazine
Boys Toys  Dreamwatch  Digital Video Tech Official Windows XP 
I did a long feature on hi-fi tech for this lads' mag, but it took ages to get paid. Ho hum. RIP. I reviewed vids and books for Dreamwatch, the best global SF mag, with more of a TV slant than SFX. A camcorder magazine from upstart publishers Imagine. I reviewed camcorders each month. Nice design, too. I wrote reviews for this consumer IT title - from smartphones to biometric webcams. But I never met Bill...

Good Call Starburst Your magazine here...?  
 Good Call   Starburst  Your mag here?  
The Carphone Warehouse's customer mag commissioned a critical feature on the eco impact of mobiles. Starburst is anothear neat trans-continental sci-fi, fantasy and horror mag. I've reviewed books for them. Go on, commission me.
Live a little. Just don't go bust without paying me this time.

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