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 Mark Harris writing in UK consumer magazines
Click on the links below to see my published copy for various UK and international magazines, or on the cover images to visit the publication's own website. At the bottom, please visit the Magazine Morgue - mags that I've written for that are now sadly no more. Not my fault, honest.

Wired UK IEEE Spectrum New Scientist magazine E&T magazine from the IET
Wired UK  IEEE Spectrum New Scientist  E&T 
My first feature for Wired UK was an eight-pager about America's teenage cyber-warriors (12MB PDF). Next, I hunted out nature's killers here. My first feature in IEEE Spectrum involved me taking all my clothes off, and then lying about it. I've also written about glasses-free 3D tech and 3D gadgets. Simply the best weekly magazine for all things scientific and technical. This is a new client so watch this space for more stories and features. This mag for engineers covers science and tech. I write award-winning articles on CFLs, e-cigs, nuclear waste, security, airships, trams and more..
   Teen US Digital Patriots  Liar! fMRI lie detectors  Exosuit & Antikythera   Barack's election tech 

T3 - Tomorrow's Technology Today Blockbuster Preview Stuff Digital Camera
 T3 magazine  Blockbuster Preview  Stuff Digital Camera
I was Reviews Ed of this hi-tech gadget title at launch. I still write a monthly column, news, reviews (here, here and here) and features. I edited this customer mag for Blockbuster from its launch and through 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 issues. It was the largest home entertainment title in the UK. Going from strength to strength, Stuff is Which? for blokes. I've done loads of product tests for them - plus now a US blog. I was Reviews Editor (freelance) for this market-leading and award-winning title for three years, organising freelancers and writing reviews and tips.
   Paparazzi feature  Complete issue 5 PDF (14MB)  Target sports feature   Sony T30 review 

Flipside Publish Now! Which? Time Out Paris
Flipside  Publish Now!   Outdoor Enthusiast  Time Out Paris 
Smart, interesting, fun mag for teens from the IET. I rode in a helicopter (sim) and wrote about killer dolphins. I did a big round-up of ebook readers for this small mag on self-publishing, including the first UK test of the Kindle DX A great outdoors mag that picked up an interesting travel/ medical/outdoor story
of mine. 
I was Assistant Editor of this one-off guide. I researched, edited and wrote listings and few articles. Not in French, mind.
 Best videogame ever     Surviving Adventure   Peniches on the Seine 

SFX HD Review Which? Toyota Today Tomorrow
 SFX magazine   High Definition Review   Which?  Toyota Today, Tomorrow
I reviewed SF and horror books, videos and films for the largest SF mag in Europe. The trashier, the better! I wrote hardware reviews for this well designed title from Imagine. I even did their very last HD-DVD player review... Which? sells 700,000+ monthly. I ended as a Senior Researcher, writing for a global audience and managing product tests.  I've had features on speed camera detectors and accident-free cars in Toyota's customer mag, Today Tomorrow.
 Book reviews   Canon HF10 review   Low energy bulbs   Uncrashable cars 

W@Mob Asda magazine DVD Review Focus
What Mobile?   Asda magazine  DVD Review  Focus
RIP W@Mob, welcome back What Mobile? Cool gadgety stuff with bells on. I write regular tech reviews. Over 5 million people read this monthly, making it one of the Top 10 UK mags. I wrote a round-up spread of cameras. For the UK's biggest DVD mag, I linked movie piracy to gangsters, pornographers and terrorists. And it's all true. Popular science has never been so, er, popular. Now owned by the massive BBC Worldwide. I wrote features.
 Fuji F420 review  Best buy cameras  Piracy feature   

Computer Arts Today In English Fresh Direction magazine Edge
Computer Arts  Today in English   FD magazine   Edge 
This influential mag is all about design and digital media. I reviewed cameras and other products. Today is for French people learning English. I've done travel features, profiles, reviews & photo reports.  New students need all the help they can get. I did a feature on saving tech money, from open source software to free laptops. Edge is a seminal computer gaming mag for grown-ups. I wrote product reviews for the NuMedia section.

Mobile Choice Orange Exchange    
 Mobile Choice  Orange Exchange    
I bring my knowledge of electronics to bear on cellphones. Cower before my mighty gadget brain! A sharp, modern and useful mag for Orange's small business customers. I write features.    

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